17 June

18:00 - 06:00

Afem Syko

Daria Kolosova



Francesco Del Garda



Nicolas Lutz

Quest B2B Christian AB

Carla Clay_


Chris Wallem_


La Vida De Jaime_


Sophie Chapter #2

Klangkuenstler , KOBOSIL and Daria Kolosova in Málaga
Electronic Music & Digital Art Experience.
open air festival

Darkness comes to Sophie Festival with Blackworks leading a lineup with three DJs focused on the hardest techno rhythms at the Main Stage. Klangkuenstler and his revival of sounds from the 90s and 2000s, KOBOSIL representing the new Berlin sound from his R-Label Group label, and Ukrainian DJ Daria Kolosova with her mix of techno, jungle, EBM, and breaks. The musical proposal at Tunnel focuses on vinyl selectors bringing us elegance and treasures from the past in techno, house, electro, and other classic electronic sounds, with Nicolas Lutz and Francesco del Garda among others. Finally, at Modular, we have disco, R&B, afro, trap, hip hop, and funky music from La Vida de Jaime, the organizer of the Recreo party in Malaga.



Berlin in its purest. Klangkuenstler represents the hardest and fastest sounds of techno, revisiting the essence of the sound from the 90s and 2000s in a renewed way. Industrial kicks, blazing beats, rave melodies, and lightning-fast mixes that capture the emotional essence of our time: fury, energy, and happiness for the darkest dance floors.



The mystique surrounding the sound of Berlin continues to be renewed thanks to talents like Kobosil. The German producer and DJ, known for his dark and avant-garde techno style, arrives at Sophie to present his arsenal of powerful rhythms, heavy basslines, and unsettling atmospheres. A regular at some of the world’s most prestigious clubs, such as Berghain and Tresor, Kobosil has earned his place as one of the most prominent artists in today’s electronic music scene.

Daria Kolosova

Daria Kolosova

From Kiev to Berlin, Daria Kolosova combines genres such as techno, breakbeat, electro, hardcore, and jungle with exceptional skill in mixing and selecting the perfect tracks for every moment. Kolosova has become one of the most acclaimed selectors on the international music scene, thanks to her innovative approach and her ability to keep the energy on the dancefloor high.

The second day of the Sophie Festival promises a sonic feast of gourmet techno, offering a chance for reconnection with freedom. The main stage will feature Klangkuenstler, one of the world’s leading techno artists and a Berlin-based DJ known for his sessions that overflow with BPMs. He will be accompanied by Daria Kolosova, one of the most active DJs on the techno scene, whose high-voltage set is filled with personal stories that she conveys through danceable and fun melodies. Her style blends hard and groovy techno with breakbeat, electro, hardcore, or jungle, making her performances unpredictable and genre-rich. Also appearing is Berlin-based DJ and producer Kobosil, a pioneer of a deep, fast, and aggressive sound that combines darkness and cathartic energy. He will deliver a session steeped in EBM, noise, and industrial music, with a powerful techno focus that promises to be 100% dance music. DJ and producer Afem Syko will showcase tech house, and the Granada-based S.Ø.K.A.R, loaded with synthesizers and kick drums, will complete Sophie’s hard chapter. Get ready to dance!

To take the dance experience to the next level, Sophie Festival has teamed up with the Madrid-based promoter Blackworks, an international reference for hard techno music. They will welcome Dexphase, founder and resident DJ of Blackworks, who is passionate about industrial techno and new-generation sounds. He promises a fast, visceral, and liberating dance session.

The Tunnel stage will be dedicated to the most futuristic sounds. The festival will present a showcase with the most elegant sounds of the current music industry, featuring vinyl-obsessed selectors who unearth hidden gems: Nicolas Lutz, a master of mystery and tireless seeker of precious stones, with sets that are completely unexpected and unknown, elevating him to a cult experience; Francesco Del Garda, a synonym of musical taste and a perfect mix between funk, techno, and groovy house, with a very personal style that is unrelated to current trends and hidden gems that make you want to dance; and Quest b2b Christian AB, who met while digging through vinyl boxes in Berlin and now belong to the great and select community of Berlin’s acetate lovers, always eager to unearth forgotten cuts of house, techno, electro, and UK garage. The selector Fonte completes this special showcase.

For those looking for a different vibe, the Modular stage of Sophie Festival offers a proposal based on disco, R&B, Afro, trap, hip hop, and funky music. La Vida de Jaime, the organizer of the Recreo party and a DJ from Malaga, will curate this stage. It features DJ Drea, who blends musical styles like funk, house, or amapiano with African sounds, Chris Wallem, one half of the Wallem Brothers, Carla Clay, a DJ and producer with a dynamic and lively style that has made her a resident of Club Malasaña, and Carlo.

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Sophie. A human intelligence experience.

Sophie is an outdoor, inmersive and multisensory festival that inspires clubbers from all around the globe with its stunning lineup with more than 140 international artists and more than a hundred live acts. Nine nights in Málaga, on the banks of the Mediterranian, where the electronic music, digital art installations and visual mazes will make you live an experience from the future.

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