29 July

18:00 - 6:00

Peggy Gou

Ellen Allien

Alex Font_

Alexis Cabrera_


Ida Daugaard_

Ignacio Morales_

Jonny Rock_

Liquid Earth_

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Sophie Chapter #5

Peggy Gou and Ellen Allien in Málaga
Electronic Music & Digital Art Experience.
open air festival

Sophie is getting ready for a celebration of female talent on the Main Stage, featuring two of the most renowned artists in the global scene. Peggy Gou is coming to Malaga to make the dance floor soar with her creativity, elegance, and her iconic house hits and remixes. We will also welcome a legend of Berlin techno, Ellen Allien, founder of BPitch Control label, and an emblem of hard rhythms, rave sound, acid, and high-bpm sessions. Completing the lineup alongside them are Olga Korol, Peach, and Ida Daugaard.

Taking control of the Tunnel Stage is the promoter Soursopp London, bringing a piece of Fabric to Malaga with sets by Jonny Rock and his eclectic proposal of electronic sounds, along with Rakim Under & David Triana, Liquid Earth, Megadance, and Chivas sessions.

And at the Modular Stage, a proposal of local talent from the Calypso collective, responsible for the most memorable beach parties, with minimal rhythms and warm sounds presented by their promoters Alexis Cabrera and Ignacio Morales, and French guest Djebali as a special guest.

Peggy Gou

Peggy Gou

Peggy Gou was born in Korea, raised in London, exploded in Berlin, and adores the music of Chicago and Detroit. Her cultural and musical background, her eagerness to explore creativity, and her skills in mixing and production have made her one of the biggest stars in electronic music in recent years. Her sets take you on a journey through the most elegant sounds of house, techno, and minimal, bringing back classic and todays tracks along with her own productions that have become authentic anthems of electronic music in their own right.

Ellen Allien

Ellen Allien

Ellen Allien has been heating up dance floors around the world with her techno bombs for over 30 years. An icon of the Berlin scene and a visionary since the '90s, the German artist has influenced several generations of clubbers with her legendary sets and the records released on her label, BPitch Control. We can expect a set where techno merges with acid, rave sounds, minimal, and electro, ensuring that nobody stops dancing.

Drawing inspiration from the archetype of feminine wisdom, Sophie, with a name of a woman, has a clear mission: to create a space for reconnecting with our essence through music, nature, and the freedom to enjoy and evolve in community.

That’s why Sophie presents a lineup filled with female wisdom, blending big names and emerging talents, showcasing a wide diversity of sounds and cultures, and surrendering to the mastery of all these artists in the DJ booth. They are the ones who set the sound of the Main Stage. In recent years, few artists have made the impact that Peggy Gou has. From superstar to an icon of club culture and fashion, her creative instinct and curious spirit have made her one of the most recognized DJs in the world. As the founder of the music and design label Gudu, her sets display her natural skill and the joy of the house and techno legacy. She has recently added a remix of the iconic pop hit “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” by Kylie Minogue to her already successful international productions. After her set full of danceable house we will then give way to an increase in bpm, led by the great German DJ and producer, Ellen Allien. She is one of the most emblematic artists of her generation, embodying the spirit of techno as a visionary who looks to the future for inspiration and presides over an empire steeped in dance music. As the founder of the prestigious label BPitch Control, she has graced the DJ booths of the most exclusive clubs and performed on the stages of the world’s most famous festivals, in addition to releasing eight solo albums and an extensive catalog of singles, EPs, and remixes. The electronic scene in Eastern Europe continues to shine with exceptional talents, and emerging Ukrainian star Olga Korol is no exception. Her deep and minimalistic sounds blend with dreamy melodies, perfect for our sunrise. Peach will deliver an energetic session of top-quality club music, as is her trademark, while Danish artist Ida Daugaard will be responsible for opening the day with a set of minimal house and techno.

Tunnel Stage x Soursopp London. For the second consecutive year, Sophie invites the London-based promoter responsible for many parties at Fabric nightclub to curate the festival’s second stage. Notable performances include DJ and producer Jonny Rock, a master in the electronic scene since the ’90s, with a harmonious set spanning from house and techno to disco and funk. Rakim Under & David Triana, a DJ duo based in London, blending various styles of dance music, including Italo, ’90s house, boogie, and rarities, while incorporating raw and real street influences that don’t take themselves too seriously. Liquid Earth, whose real name is Taylor Freels, will deliver a rhythm-driven set infused with the production of Chivas.

Modular Stage x Calypso. The local event brand Calypso, led by Alexis Cabrera and Ignacio Morales, residents of Fuengirola and Malaga, will take charge of Sophie’s third stage. The two promoters will join forces with Parisian DJ Djebali for a session.

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Sophie. A human intelligence experience.

Sophie is an outdoor, inmersive and multisensory festival that inspires clubbers from all around the globe with its stunning lineup with more than 140 international artists and more than a hundred live acts. Nine nights in Málaga, on the banks of the Mediterranian, where the electronic music, digital art installations and visual mazes will make you live an experience from the future.

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