12 August

18:00 - 6:00

[a:rpia:r] (Rhadoo_ Petre Inspirescu_ Raresh)





theBasement Soundsystem

Sophie Chapter #6

[a:rpia:r] (Rhadoo_ Petre Inspirescu_ Raresh) in Málaga
Electronic Music & Digital Art Experience.
open air festival

We welcome to Sophie the most renowned trio in the electronic music scene, three names that, united for over 20 years, represent the house and minimal sound of an entire country: Romania. Rhadoo, Pedro (Petre Inspirescu), and Raresh lead the [a:rpia:r] label and bring us a unique showcase headed by their legendary B2B2B set. A set that blends the styles of the three artists into an endless musical journey of pleasure. Joining them on the Main Stage, representing the Romanian club sound, are Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia with their B2B set under the project SIT, along with Suciu and Roman‘s sessions.

The proposal on the Modular Stage will be 100% national, featuring the set of the Malaga-born Ildec and his electro and acid sound with a touch of 90s breaks, and theBasement Soundsystem collective, founders of Días de Campo Festival in Valencia, with a clear focus on house music in all its variations.



Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu, and Raresh, the artists behind [a:rpia:r], have left an indelible mark on the electronic music scene. Hailing from their native Romania, their cultural and musical backgrounds, creativity, and mastery of mixing and production have turned them into stars of electronic music. Their sets traverse elegant sounds of house, minimal, and techno, rescuing classic and current tracks while always staying at the forefront of the genres. With hypnotic skill, they create a unique and captivating sonic journey, leaving the audience in a state of musical ecstasy. Their performances transcend time and space, immersing listeners in a transformative experience where music becomes a powerful force. As Rhadoo once said, “To understand the essence of [a:rpia:r], it is required to experience an RPR showcase.”



Rhadoo is the key name to understand the Romanian electronic scene. His career of more than 20 years on the turntables has forged a legend: of a quiet, experimental, introspective DJ with a unique vision to find out-of-print gems and sounds of the future in vinyl format. The leader of the RPR Soundsystem gives us in each set a lot of songs that, no matter how hard you try, you will not find in Shazam.

Petre Inspirescu

Petre Inspirescu

Also known as Pedro, Inspirescu is a genius producer who knows how to combine infinite percussion with impossible melodies to create abstract compositions that are pure musical avant-garde. His sets are pure emotion, with songs that reach the heart and mind thanks to unpredictable mixes that generate a sound journey for all the clubbers who listen to him.



In this trio of unique artists, Raresh’s contribution is key to balancing the more reserved character and the more minimalist proposal of his two cabin collegues. His more outgoing personality and his commitment to the most elegant sounds of house focused on the dance floor are a breath of fresh air in each set of [a:rpia:r], but never out of place: he’s happy, yes, but he never put aside the musical avant-garde and that 100% vinyl selection that makes the sessions of the three Romanians unmatched.

True connoisseurs of techno know perfectly well that something important has been brewing in Romania for quite some time now, several years already. Sophie is well aware of this, and it makes perfect sense for tonight to be dedicated to the ever-stimulating and innovative Romanian scene.

Starting with the trio of wonders, probably the three most internationally renowned producers in the country, together for over fifteen years under the name of a:rpia:r (or RPR, the initials of their three names), the label they jointly steer with six hands (and three brains) since 2006. We are, of course, referring to Rhadoo (the boss), Raresh, and Petre Inspirescu, accomplished masters in the art of minimalist techno with maximalist effects on the dance floor, and the main driving force behind Romania’s rise to prominence in the highly competitive European circuit. Legends in their home country, regulars at parties like Cocoon or Circoloco, and respected by DJs and producers from around the world (Ricardo Villalobos has always declared himself a fan, in addition to frequently performing alongside them), when they join forces in the DJ booth, they amplify the virtues of the label’s sound: deep, precise, and utterly hypnotic, drawing inspiration from both timeless acid and the darkness of underground techno.

Direct disciples and fundamental pillars of the new generation of the Romanian clubbing scene, as well as close friends for years, Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia formed the project SIT (Sideways Invisibility Theory) to explore their passion for floor-filling electronic music and cutting-edge club sounds. They also founded a label, Amphia, as a platform to release their own material and that of like-minded comrades and artists. Through SIT, Vlad and Cristi have created a unique sound that combines powerful rhythms with organic elements and captivating melodic sensibility.

Alongside them, we will also have the presence of two emerging talents from the dynamic scene of the country. Suciu has earned the respect of his peers for the freshness of his sound, with the dance floor as his primary target, open to influences ranging from jazz and funk to house and acid, always with a well-understood touch of darkness. Completing the Balkan invasion is the emerging producer and DJ from Bucharest, Roman, a skillful creator of sonic narratives who, like his compatriots, effortlessly combines energy, fluidity, and depth in his sets.

Meanwhile, in the Modular Stage, we will be treated to sets by Malaga-born DJ and producer Ildec, known for his affinity for acid sounds and electro, with releases on French labels Sequalog and Zingiber Audio. And joining them is the Valencia-based collective, The Basement Soundsystem, responsible for one of the most active and interesting house labels in the country, and the founders of the Días de Campo festival.

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