26 August

18:00 - 6:00

Nico Moreno







Paula Cazenave_



Álvaro H

Sophie Chapter #7

Nico Moreno and Øtta in Málaga
Electronic Music & Digital Art Experience.
open air festival

Málaga’s light will be tinged with the deepest darkness with a new Blackworks party. A whirlwind of the hardest techno sounds, a night of high BPMs, acid, distorted kicks… an authentic underground rave. On the Main Stage, we will be greeted by Nico Moreno, a French DJ who, in a few years, has become essential to the hardtechno scene with his fast and forceful style inspired by industrial music. Alongside him, another shining star, Øtta from Portugal, representing that fast techno with hints of trance and high-speed melodies. Completing the Main Stage lineup are the legendary Paula Cazenave, Skryption, and a new set by Dexphase, all of them opened by Alvaro H, local Dj who will be in charge of warming up.

The Modular Stage will give us a break and turn into an oasis for house lovers with that beloved French touch. We will experience sets by Jeneret, Miroloja, Lamache, Monile, and Zeina.

Nico Moreno

Nico Moreno

Nico Moreno, the rising star of the hardtechno scene, has taken the music world by storm with his fast and relentless style. Hailing from France, he has quickly become an indispensable name, captivating audiences with his energetic sets and powerful beats. Inspired by the rawness of industrial music, Moreno’s sound is a fusion of pounding kicks, hypnotic rhythms, and atmospheric textures that create an intense and immersive experience on the dancefloor. With his undeniable talent and unique approach, Nico Moreno is pushing boundaries and leaving a lasting impression on the electronic music landscape. Get ready to surrender to the sonic journey crafted by this exceptional DJ.



Øtta, the techno superhero, is experiencing an unstoppable rise in the music scene. In recent months, she has conquered the biggest stages in Europe without looking back (XXL, Verknipt, Blackworks, recently booked for Dour). What's the reason behind this success? Her intense, often dark and industrial style that has captivated lovers of hard techno. We already got a taste of it in her first full-length album, WOMXN, and in her track "Savage". But Øtta doesn't settle for the familiar. She recently surprised everyone with an EP, Candy22, featuring four acid and trance gems with Brazilian touches. Øtta continues to break barriers and set trends in the music scene with everything she does.

Blackworks returns to Sophie, ready to make a powerful comeback. After Dexphase’s presence at the second party of the year, the Madrid-based hard-techno collective takes over the main stage to conquer everything in its path and bring techno fans to ecstasy with their fast and forceful beats. Founded by a group of techno artists and enthusiasts in 2019, Blackworks has become a reference point for the genre in Spain and the European circuit.

This time, they are accompanied by two new leading figures of the genre in the southern part of the continent. First on the list is Nico Moreno, who despite his name, is actually French by birth (his real name is Nicolas Bloche). His career has been meteoric, constantly rising higher and higher. Despite producing and DJing for a short period of time, he has already become a key and highly sought-after name, respected for the originality and power of his sets, which often feature voices and proclamations to dance and the lascivious power of funk. Alongside him, we will enjoy another emerging representative of the new techno wave on the continent, bordering on hardcore and industrial traditions. We’re talking about Øtta, the alias of Carlota Correia Neves. With only one release to date, the powerful “Womxn EP” published on the Parisian label Possession, the Portuguese DJ, who resides in London and is closely connected to the Blackworks spirit, has positioned herself at the forefront of techno-rave, the dominant language on this crazy night at Sophie.

More techno and more intensity. If there’s a name that commands unanimous respect in the Spanish scene, it’s Paula Cazenave, the experienced DJ from Donosti, often more recognized abroad than at home. Cazenave undoubtedly knows how to construct her sets, combining meticulousness and spontaneity in equal parts, demonstrating an enviable understanding of the dancefloor and skillfully blending all aspects of the multifaceted genre that is techno. Of course, on a night like this, Dexphase couldn’t be missing, the founder and resident DJ of Blackworks, passionate about industrial techno and lover of cutting-edge sounds. He joins us once again, this time on the Main Stage, with one of his incredible sets of fast, visceral, and unrestricted dancing. Completing the lineup is the young Argentine DJ Skryption, who has been embraced by the national scene and clubbing in the capital for several years. Last year, he released his first EP on Blackworks, “Fragments of Time,” featuring four tracks of dark and lightning-fast techno, and he has already received praise from artists like Dax J and Amelie Lens, among others.

Parallel to this, at the Modular Stage, we will have the presence and talent of several of the most interesting DJs from the current French house scene, such as Jeneret (founder of Joule), the duo Miroloja, or Lamache (a key figure in the Berlin-based Discobar label), as well as emerging artists like Monile (resident in Barcelona) and Zenha, lovers of groove, broken beats, and house with occasional forays into funky techno.

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