9 September

18:00 - 6:00

Sven Väth

Chris Liebing

Alvaro Medina_

Dana Ruh_

Dyed Soundorom B2B tINI_

Enzo Leep live _

Gregor Tresher live _


Mathew Jonson live

Sophie Chapter #8

Sven Väth and Chris Liebing in Málaga
Electronic Music & Digital Art Experience.
open air festival

One of the most legendary labels in electronic music lands at Sophie for a showcase with some of the most iconic names in clubbing. We welcome Cocoon and its founder, the legendary Sven Väth, accompanied by heavyweights of the underground electronic scene from the past 20 years: Chris Liebing, Mathew Jonson, Gregor Tresher, and Dana Ruh. An unmatched lineup for the Main Stage where we will experience an authentic masterclass of techno, house, trance, and all the sounds that have made Cocoon a reference for all of us who love electronic music.

On the Modular Stage, the Portuguese collective Pieces brings us a proposal of house, deep house, and minimal sounds with two high-level performances. A B2B set featuring German tINI and French Dyed Soundorom (member of the trio Apollonia) promises goosebump-inducing melodies and vocals, elegance, and a journey through the best of electronic music in recent years. Alongside them, the set by another French artist, Man/ipulate, with his style inspired by 90s raves, focusing on house, trance, and deeper techno sounds.

Putting the cherry on top, we will listen to Álvaro Medina and Enzo Leep with their minimal house proposal at the Modular Stage.

Sven Väth

Sven Väth

Sven Väth began his career in the early 80s and since then, he has never stopped traveling the world with his music. Hailing from Frankfurt, with his residency at the legendary club Omen and his early productions like “An Accident in Paradise” on the classic label Eye Q Records, Sven became a beloved DJ and producer among 90s clubbers. In the 2000s, he founded his own label, Cocoon, as a platform to give voice to new talents in techno, minimal, and house, and to create unparalleled parties like the one arriving at Sophie today. Sven Väth continues to travel armed with his vinyl records, proving that in a world of technology and effects, a two-turntable set can be magical thanks to the quality of his musical selection, combining techno with trance and deep house elements, emotional melodies, and above all, mixes that know how to play with the energy of the dancefloor. An unmissable set.

Chris Liebing

Chris Liebing

Techno wouldn't be the same without Chris Liebing and his key contributions as a DJ, producer, and founder of the CLR label. Liebing is a legend of German techno, having spent over 25 years as a star of the rawest and most synthetic sounds of German techno. Innovative in his use of technologies in his sets and with a radar for detecting talent and quality productions, Chris Liebing provides a masterclass in live mixing with every set, adding layers upon layers of rhythms, melodies, basslines, synths, acids... Sessions where it's hard to distinguish whether a track is from today, a classic, or even better, yet to be released.

Let’s stand up. And, by the way, let’s also put on the most comfortable footwear we have. Because Sophie is welcoming none other than Sven Väth and the biggest party of all time: Cocoon. An honor for the festival and a unique, unrepeatable experience for any techno, electronic, and dance music lover.

Sven Väth is a legend in the global electronic scene and the founder of the famous Cocoon parties. Hailing from Germany, Väth has left an indelible mark on the techno universe and has been a key figure in its evolution over the last four decades. His unique style and ability to blend different genres have allowed him to remain an undisputed icon from the mid-80s to today, not only for his sets but also for being responsible for some of the most iconic tracks in the history of trance, ambient, and hard techno. And, of course, for creating Cocoon parties, founded in 1996, which have become an essential reference point for several generations of technoheads, especially for the numerous pilgrims who flocked to its magical nights at Amnesia in Ibiza.

Väth will be the star of the night, but not the only one. Alongside him will be two other titans of the international techno scene: Chris Liebing and Mathew Jonson. The German has been setting dance floors on fire around the world since the 90s, demonstrating an innate ability to create tracks and sets full of tension and sonic release, guiding his audience through true roller coasters of rhythm and power. On the other hand, Jonson is a cult figure for all those who demand more than just energy and dance from techno. His emergence from Vancouver at the beginning of the new century represented a breath of fresh air for the scene, with a minimalist, complex, and melodic sound that is completely unique and inimitable, materialized in projects like Cobblestone Jazz, labels like Itiswhatitis and Wagon Repair, and historical hits like “Typerope” or “Marionette.” It’s a luxury to have both of them at Sophie.

But the lineup doesn’t end there. The trio of aces is expanded to a full house with two more top-level figures. On one hand, Dana Ruh, a Berlin-based DJ with proven experience, founder of the Brouqade Records label, and close to the Ostgut Ton family and the legendary Club der Visionaire in the German capital. And, on the other hand, the also German Gregor Tresher, a fantastic DJ and producer with an intense and detailed style, with an exquisite ear for weaving dreamy melodies among hypnotic techno rhythms.

While all of this is happening, there will also be a great party at Modular, with a showdown between the French Dyed Soundorom and the German tiNi, two of the most stimulating emerging selectors on the continental scene; a set by the French Man/ipulate, a fanatic of acid house; and Álvaro Medina’s sets, always solid in deep and minimal techno, and Enzo Leep, a master of house combined with electro.

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