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Chapter #9




While honing his craft in the sweaty European underground clubs of the turn of the last century, Luciano has become a true benchmark for excellence and devotion to electronic music. Remaining true to his juvenile passion, his enchanting charisma has remained untouched despite his never ending face-off with ever-growing challenges.

Born in Switzerland and raised in Santiago, Luciano fell under the spell of Detroit first and second wave of producers. Determined to share his passion for techno, he spun records in clubs where disgruntled rock fans stubbed out cigarettes on his vinyl. But Luciano kept going, gradually gaining a loyal following and propelling dance music into uncharted territory in Chile.

Mathew Jonson (Live)

Mathew Jonson really is one of a kind. He’s developed one of the most distinctive voices in electronic dance music: when you hear one of Jonson’s tracks, you almost immediately know it’s his. And yet there’s no mistaking any given track for another. His music offers a rare fusion of populist intensities and nuanced musicality. With a deep understanding of the necessities of the dance floor and the universal laws of house and techno, he has thrown out the rule book time and time again, introducing tricks learned from electro and even drum’n’bass into the clubs, and loading their B-sides with tracks that do whatever they want.

Sonja Moonear

Sonja Moonear is representative of many DJs at the top level of the so-called minimal scene. She’s relaxed about publicity, slick behind the decks and, perhaps most importantly, has a keen eye for the dance floor.

And just like most of the others, Moonear doesn’t release much music, which means she’s made her way to the top by simply playing great DJ sets. Moonear cut her teeth as a DJ in Geneva around the turn of the century as a resident at the city’s key club, Weetamix.


Coming from Romania, Adrian Niculae a.k.a. Priku established himself as a hard working and passionate music creator. He is a member of Sunrise booking since 2007, making his way up to the big gigs through many noticeable Sunwaves performances. He released on labels such as [a:rpia:r] , All Inn, Fabric, Concrete Music and Only 300 Family, his name is also on Cocoon Green & Blue 2011 and Cocoon Heroes compilations.


Never give a sword to a man who can’t dance…

Of Turkish origins but born and raised just outside of Zurich, Alci’s entry into DJing came via Hip Hop and street culture, trying his hand at graffiti and breakdancing before discovering turntables. Igniting his passion for music, his taste has evolved over the years, shifting into the electronic world where he now places his sound between funky House grooves and minimalistic Techno. At the age of 17 he was already on the Zurich circuit and a resident dj at Club Supermarket.

Sophie Chapter #9: Secret Guest and Málaga

Málaga Calling!

Sophie Electronic Music Festival

Sophie is a reflection for those of us who are convinced that it is essential to reconnect with our human nature and our true rhythm of life.

Be part of this experience on August 28, Chapter 7 with a powerful line up:

A secret guest who is one of today’s most influential and innovative traveling DJs and artists.

Mathew Johnson has developed a distinctive voice in electronic dance music. His music offers a rare fusion of populist intensities and nuanced musicality.

Sonja Moonear DJing with a wide cross section of house, techno and minimal.

Directly from magical Romania… Priku, a passionate musical creator, influenced by the roots of his country and aspects of house music.

Placing his sound between funky house rhythms and minimalist techno, Alci takes the stage. Balancing analog gear and new technology in his music.

This could be your last chance to live a unique experience with these creators of music and ethereal realities.

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