Frequent questions


VIP ticket: access to the entire venue (chill area, food truck area, shop area and dancefloor) except backstage.

General ticket: access to the entire venue (chill area, food truck area, shop area and dancefloor) except VIP areas and backstage.

General Early bird, 1st release, 2nd release and final release tickets are limited. They have different price modalities depending on the date they go on sale and it increases every time the number of tickets available per modality is sold out.

Early bird tickets are a limited number of tickets to ensure entry to the festival at a reduced price.

Each date has its Early birds that are released at the time the event and its sale are announced. You can buy them until they sold out.

You can secure your entry to all the dates at a reduced price.

General ticket: access to the entire venue (chill area, food truck area, shop area and dancefloor) except VIP areas and backstage.. This ticket will only allow access to people over 21 years old until 18h.

Send us a message to with all your information (including the e-mail with which you bought the ticket) and we will contact you to proceed with the validation and send it to you again.

Send us a message to with all your data (including the e-mail with which you bought the ticket ) and we will proceed to make the change.

Once you make your purchase, no it won’t be possible to make any changes or cancellations.

Once the ticket is purchased, it will not be refundable.

Only one ticket per person is allowed, so you cannot use several, nor request a refund for them.

The ticket price applies equally to all our attendees, however, we suggest you subscribe to the newsletter to be the first to know about any news related to the festival.

The pass you buy is personal and non-transferable and you must show your ID at the festival along with it.

Tickets will be available on our website or at the festival booth. These are the only points of sale authorized by us. The organization of the festival is not responsible for purchases that are made through non-official sales channels.

Write us an e-mail to with your data and we will send it to you.

Send us a message to from the e-mail you used to make your purchase, along with all your data and once the information is verified, we will contact you.

The festival booth will have available and limited tickets that will be on sale the same day and place of the festival.

Each of the 9 dates will be announced individually over the next few weeks. We recommend that you subscribe to the alerts to be the first person to know all the details of the festival.

At Sophie, we are committed to taking care of the environment, so we recommend that you don’t print your tickets and keep them downloaded on your mobile.


Sophie opens its doors from Sunday July 3, 2022.

From noon (12:00 h) to 02h.

9 Sundays. From July until August 2022.

There is no time limit to enter, but it is recommended to come before 6:00 p.m.

On the web you have all the detailed information and if you have subscribed to the newsletter, you will periodically receive alerts with all the details about the festival.

The minimum age to be part of the Sophie experience is 21 years old.

Our customer service hours are from 9h to 18h.

Click here for more information on Sophie’s location.

You can access by private transport although the organization will provide shuttle buses from the center of Malaga.

All attendees will have a shuttle bus service available to access the venue. Only those people who have purchased a VIP ticket or those authorized vehicles (taxis, VTC’s , and those vehicles for people with reduced mobility).

Si deseas formar parte de nuestro equipo de voluntarios, puedes aplicar enviándonos tu CV a nuestra dirección

Contact the organization by email at and we will evaluate your proposal as soon as possible.

Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed of the latest Sophie news.


Part of our mission is that you reconnect with yourself and enjoy music, community and nature. So let us document this experience for you, while you enjoy the event.

Yes. We will designate a place for you to park your bicycle.

The spaces that we have in Sophie are not suitable for pets, so we suggest you not take them.

Our map will be available on our website as soon as possible.

There are not cloakrooms on Sophie.

The “Lost and Found” point will be located at the entrance of the festival, next to the ticket booths.

Send us a message to and we will contact you.

We will have a nursing team and ambulances.

If you need to charge your mobile, you can go chill area.

Access to the festival with food and drinks from outside is not allowed.

We will have a food truck area where you can buy food and drinks.

Our food truck area will have different types of food, suitable for your dietary needs.

Yes, we have enabled some areas so you can smoke.

No, unfortunately we will not have a tobacco sale on the venue.

We have free Wi-Fi throughout the venues.

We have adapted our venue so that our attendees with reduced mobility or other types of physical limitations can circulate within the place.

Yes, we have bathrooms assigned to people with reduced mobility.

Yes. You can findthe in our Market Place.

Whenever you need help, you can go to our staff so they take care of the situation and the necessary measures to keep you safe.

For any questions, complaints and / or suggestions you can send us an e-mail to .

You can do it, but if you want to enter again, you would have to buy another ticket.

We have information points in different areas within the venue.


We will only accept payments by credit or debit card.

Yes, you can make your payments with your digital wallet.

Only credit or debit cards will be accepted.


To process it, send us a message to with all the necessary information.

Send us a message to with all the information so that we can get in touch with you.


We will have the sanitary measures based on what is established in the BOJA by the Council of Andalucia on the same day of the event.

Only if the current legal regulations establish it.

Only if the current legal regulations establish it.

Only if the current legal regulations establish it.