16:00pm - 02:00am
Chapter #1


(Lazare Hoche, S.A.M. & Malin Genie)

Paul Kalkbrenner

Berlin’s Paul Kalkbrenner is a unique international talent. After several chart topping albums, amassing millions of fans and headlining festival mainstages around the world he has become one of techno’s biggest superstars.

In the year following his eighth and most personal album, Parts Of Life, Paul Kalkbrenner was in perpetual motion. A 2019 European solo tour saw him sell over 100,000 tickets, and become a fixture on festival mainstages normally reserved for rockstars.

Giorgia Angiuli

Giorgia Angiuli is an Italian electronic producer and classical trained musician. She has a colourful and playful vision of music, thanks to her synaesthesia, and is forever exploring artistic topics in creative and innovative ways. She is loved by peers, fans, and tastemakers alike for her authenticity and her unquenchable curiosity. Forever connecting with her listeners through her sets, releases, and via her label ‘United’, on which she will release her next album Quantum Love at the end of 2021. 


(Lazare Hoche, S.A.M. & Malin Genie)

In2013, three guys, Nick Putman (Malin Genie), Charlie Naffah (Lazare Hoche) and Samuel André Madsen (S.A.M.),met in a home studio in Paris. Mandar was formed. The combination of each of their styles as producers and DJ’s has become a unique synthesis combining the old with the new, the classic with the innovative, and thus thrusting the Mandar project on a constantly developing jam based voyage.


Mickael Jeanneret is one of a handful of talented rising French DJ-producers signed to Yoyaku, the Paris-based record label, record store, and booking agency. As Janeret, he performs regularly through Europe, but has also toured through Japan, Australia, and the Americas, acknowledged for his energetic sets that incorporate minimal house and breaks. He’s also widely known for his production work: a steady stream of exceptional EPs have established him as “pretty much a purchase-on-sight artist, which is a rarity,” writes one Discogs user.

Sophie Chapter #1: Paul Kalkbrenner and Málaga

Málaga Calling!

Sophie Electronic Music Festival

The genius live performer and producer Paul Kalkbrener, the well-known talent of live performer Giorgia Angiuli will open the festival to mix with the electronic eclecticism of Lazare Hoche, SAM & Malin Genie under the pseudonym of Mandar and the know-how of Janeret, the artist who has revolutionized the French electronic scene.
Just once. Only here.
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