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Chapter #3



Seth Troxler

“I live to work on projects and build ideas that sit at the point where art, commerce and ideas meet. For me, this idea of creation, is really the essence of life.”

Seth Troxler is one of electronic music’s most instantly recognisable artists. He has carved out his own unique path as a cultural commentator, art curator, restaurateur and entrepreneur. Descended from a family of cowboys and Baptist preachers, Seth is part African-American, with a singular approach to viewing the world through the prism of contemporary music culture.


As one of Munich’s finest exports, tINI has been carving out her own musical path already from a very early age. Her interest in different rhythms and music styles was always widespread, learning how to play the drums from her dad and listening to New wave and Indie till she later finds herself as a collector of underground Hip Hop Vinyl in the mid 90ies and having her first attempts in mixing those.

Dyed Soundorom

Ever since he first stepped foot into the dark and mysterious world of Paris’ legendary Batofar after-parties back in 1998, Dyed Soundorom has been enchanted with the world of DJ. Progressing from the dance floor to promoting events and learning to spin records himself, the Frenchman has become one of the world’s best- known selectors, traversing the globe both as a solo artist and as part of infamous trio Apollonia. Dyed is not only a highly respected DJ, but also a skilled producer, with several classic releases under his belt as well as an album with Apollonia.

Giammarco Orsini

Connection, this is the concept that represents the experience of DJing: connection between records, connection between people. A wandering Giammarco Orsini first felt the pull of the record store at age 14, and the experience instantly turned him into a passionate collector.

Now, as an international performing artist, Orsini uses his decades-deep archive to generate a chemistry that is comfortably nostalgic yet fresh in its relevance.


Known for dancing in between different genres and styles, juggling the tradition and the avant-garde, O.BEE generates obscure yet familiar sonic landscapes, in a signature style that reflects his own musical identity; optimistic yet rebellious and filled by passion. Liberating the dance floor from the accustomed rules and stepping away from functional expectations, he instead cultivates musical trips for both the dancer and the listener. Juxtaposing the stimulating environments of both a intense rave and a concert hall.

Tomas Station

Growing up between Bogotá and Chicago, Tomás Station experienced from an early age a clash of cultures and sounds that would open the doors to a lifelong musical obsession. He received formal music training during his youth, playing both piano and drums, and participated in several bands ranging in styles from Hardcore Punk to Jazz. During a summer visit to Chicago during his teenage years he stumbled across the legendary Gramaphone Records and discovered a world that would change everything for him.

Rakim Under

Rakim Under (Karim Sanchez) is a Chilean born DJ / producer based in London.

Having a multicultural upbringing has helped his music taste develop from various styles and tainted his record collection with diverse sounds where genre has no limit.

His selections blend many forms of dance music; from anything between House, Disco, Italo, 80s, Afro-Latin, breakbeat and rare oddball tunes to anything street, raw or real that doesn’t take itself too seriously.


David Triana (Dorado) is a Bogota-born, London-based musician, producer and DJ.

Inspired by the Colombian music scene, David began his career with the formation of several bands that toured across the Americas.

Electronic music became his primary focus after he moved to Buenos Aires to study music.

Sophie Chapter #3: Seth Troxler and Málaga

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Sophie Electronic Music Festival

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