16:00pm - 02:00am
Chapter #4



Jamie Jones

Jamie Jones, a globally respected and highly successful artist, label boss at Hot Creations, founder and curator of the Paradise global event series, and a member of the cross-genre band Hot Natured, Jamie Jones has achieved iconic status in the world of electronic music. A trendsetter and seasoned tastemaker, the Welsh dance music superstar pioneered his own distinct sound, drawing on his deep knowledge and experience to cultivate DJ sets that weave through a range of diverse, complementary styles selected to energise and enchant the dance floor.

Archie Hamilton

Archie Hamilton has seen a remarkable rise through the ranks of the underground house and techno scene, becoming one of the most respected artists in his genre.

Working across many facets of electronic music, Archie was an early originator of a new European sound, with his own unique take on minimal house and techno: his signature sound of rugged basslines and ethereal atmospherics has established itself firmly in the minds of clubbers around the world.

Giorgio Maulini

Born in 1989 in Caracas, Venezuela. A true music lover and enthusiast since day one.

Giorgio Maulini is known for doing DJ sets only on vinyl keeping his Deep-House production and powerful groovey sounds full of good vibes. Very characteristic sets by the good energy and the story that he crafts from the beginning to the end selecting carefully every record with a flawless technique.

Chris Stussy

A few short years after breaking through, on the back of a series of huge house tracks, Dutchman Chris Stussy is now a growing part of the global underground scene. Always leading the way and heading into new musical territory, he has built on early successes with a steady stream of essential new releases with each one bringing something fresh to the dance floor via influential labels like Djebali and Phil Weeks’s Robsoul.


Reisshas been a pivotal figure of the Amsterdam house and techno underground for quite some time. His extensive record collection, combined with a refined sense of (club)atmosphere, enables him to create cohesion and unison on the dance floor. His sound can be described as a delicate flow of rhythms and soundscapes spiced up with occasional and surprising idiosyncrasies. Reiss is a close affiliate of the Amsterdam based VBX crew.

Samuel Deep

Samuel Deep owes his short but successful career to modesty, dedication and ambition. This brought him to play in the biggest clubs in Europe like Panorama bar and Fabric along side artists as Ryan Elliot, DVS1 and Margret Dygas. Samuel also plays with his brother Julian Alexander under the name Ingi Visions.

In March 2018, Samuel released his fresh second EP MOOV! on SlapFunk records.


«Huerta, born in Los Angeles, DJ and producer based in Berlin.

Label head of Leizure.

Releases on Slow Life, Small Hours, Voyage, SlapFunk, Oscillat, Amadeus, In Dust We Trust»

Sophie Chapter #4: Jamie Jones and Málaga

Málaga Calling!

Sophie Electronic Music Festival

In this new chapter, Sophie keeps bringing you artists from all over the world!

These artists come from the United States to Venezuela, Wales, and the Netherlands to make you dance with their well-recognized sounds in electronic music.

Starting with Jamie Jones, “the leader of the new sound of House”.

Archie Hamilton’s unique minimal House and Techno on a B2B with Giorgio Maulini and his DJ set full of energy, individuality, and spontaneity.

Chris Stussy know for his energy and tension-building mixes on stage.

The sense of club atmosphere and soundscapes of Reiss in a B2B with Samuel Deep’s house, minimal and techno beats.

Last but not least: Huerta and the keenness of his compositions.

7 artists, 1 location, 1 date: Málaga, July 24th

The combination of Jamie Jones’ warm and melodic side of techno, ethereal atmospherics by Archie Hamilton,
Giorgio’s hypnotic grooves, the raw production aesthetics of Chris Stussy; Reiss’ delicate flow of rhythms,
the hard-hitting house sounds of Samuel Deep and Huerta’s signature style from house music’s roots create the perfect
atmosphere for all those who enjoy the underground side of electronic music.

Get your tickets now for next July 24, 2022!